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Scenery of Causeway Bay viewed from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Causeway Bay is a heavily built-up area of Hong Kong, located on the Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai and Eastern districts. The rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay is ranked as the highest in the world followed by New York's Fifth Avenue, which is only slightly less expensive.

Star Ferry Pier  

The Star Ferry is a passenger ferry service operator and tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Its principal routes carry passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Even though the harbor is crossed by railway and road tunnels, the Star Ferry continues to provide an inexpensive mode of harbor crossing.

Streetscape of Nathan Road

Nathan Road is the main thoroughfare in Kowloon. It starts on the southern part of Kowloon at its junction with Salisbury Road, a few meters north of Victoria Harbour, and ends at its intersection with Boundary Street in the north. It is lined with shops and restaurants and throngs with tourists.

Streetscape of Des Voeux Road Central - Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Headquarter Building,Prince’s Building and Legislative Council Building 
中环德辅道中街景 - 香港汇丰总行大厦、太子大厦和立法会大楼等

HSBC Main Building is a headquarters building of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The new building was designed by the British architect Lord Norman Foster and Civil & Structural Engineers Ove Arup & Partners and was constructed by Wimpey International.  The building's modular design enables it to be dismantled and moved.

Lion Statues of HSBC

When HSBC decided to build its third Headquarters at 1 Queen's Road Central, opened in 1935, it commissioned two bronze lions from Shanghai-based British sculptor W W Wagstaff. This commission was inspired by two earlier lions that had been ordered for the new Shanghai office opened in 1923. Cast by J W Singer & Sons in the English town of Frome, to a design by Henry Poole RA, these lions had quickly become part of the Shanghai scene. They became known as Stephen and Stitt: Stephen was named for A G Stephen, formerly Manager Shanghai, and in 1923 the Chief Manager of HSBC, and G H Stitt, the then Manager Shanghai. Stephen is depicted roaring; Stitt quiescent, and again insiders said that this represented the characters of these two famous bankers.
当位于皇后大道中1号第三代香港汇丰总行大厦于1935年落成时,汇丰银行委托上海的英国雕塑家瓦格斯塔夫制作两只铜狮,仿照1923年上海汇丰银行大楼门前一对铜狮复制铸造了两尊同样的狮子,安放于香港总行门前。上海的两座铜狮由亨利.普尔设计,弗洛姆镇上的J.W.斯涅父子浇筑,这两座铜狮子很快就成为上海的一景。置放在总行门前的这两头雄狮,张嘴吼叫的是“史提芬”(Stephen),此名得自1920-24年的香港总行总司理史提芬(A.G. Stephen),而铸造铜狮也来自他的倡议。另一头铜狮称为“施迪”(Stitt)代表安静,是当时上海分行经理施迪(G. H. Stitt)的名字。据当时银行内部的工作人员说,这两个不同形态的狮子也反映了当时两位著名银行家的性格。

Stanley Market

Stanley is a town and a tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It located on a peninsula on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. Stanley Market is an array of small shops and street stalls.

Academic Building of City University of Hong Kong and Festival Walk Shopping mall view from Tat Chee Ave, Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong is a comprehensive research university in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1984 as City Polytechnic of Hong Kong and became a fully accredited university in 1994. Festival Walk is an upmarket shopping centre in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong . It was the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong at its launch in November 1998.

ION Orchard Central viewed from Orchard Road

ION Orchard Central is Singapore's first and tallest vertical mall. This shopping centre was officially opened on July 2, 2009. It consists of 12 floors above ground and 2 basement levels of shopping space, occupying 335 food and retail outlets. It also features a "super escalator", which takes pedestrians on street level directly up to Level 4. Orchard Central has a 160 m frontage along Orchard Road.

Singapore Indian Chamber on Stanley St & Boon Tat St

From humble beginnings as the Indian Merchants Association in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) is one of Singapore’s most respected and active commercial organizations today.